Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Photograph by John William Banagan/Getty Images

Laying on my back after ankle surgery. Hoping my foot will be nice and strong for our trip. Been reading a lot about Vietnam, Bali and Laos lately. Brian and I saw the Anthony Bourdain Laos show last night on Netflix and it was a bit heartbreaking. I had no idea that we dropped millions of bombs from the Vietnam war over Laos, a country that wasn’t involved in the conflict. And now there are millions still in the ground that never exploded even 30 years later. Many Laotians are losing arms, legs and their lives by trying to farm their land that is full of these war relics. In towns, they sort of decorate with the leftover twisted metal, which is eerie to me. In the show, a young beautiful family whose father lost his arm and leg while farming invites Tony into their home for a large exotic meal. Tony asks the father if he is angry, and it is a tense moment. But you can see in their faces and bodies they have forgiven the soldiers who dropped those bombs. Their generosity and forgiveness was a beautiful thing. I am looking forward to Laos.


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