Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One step forward, two steps back (written 10/6/10)

As I write the second entry of this travelogue, I feel moved to talk about the book I’m reading, Radical Homemakers, and how enormously it’s affecting me, instead of the trip. But I am starting to think they are both intertwined. I desire to live on less money, rely less for health and well being on corporations, develop stronger community ties, learn homemaking skills that will help our family more effectively subsist on its own, and have more free time to explore nature, create, connect and love. I feel like we will explore many of these desires on our journey. I have this feeling like I want to learn and understand everything all at once, though I know that isn’t possible. Hearing Shannon Hayes speak at Brian’s library was very special for me, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to ask her so many questions like, how did you have a baby without health insurance? What does home-schooling look like in your family? Where do I start with gardening when it feels so overwhelming? I liked her responses, especially the one about gardening “Just dive in, don’t worry about it. You never know how anything is going to turn out, so why not just get started?”

I spoke to more people at my office today about leaving. They were all women in their 4o’s and were very supportive, except one told me that I may want to be careful in Europe because the terrorist rating there has increased. I don’t even know what that means. How are those silly colors calculated? I’d like to see the metadata... As I become more aware and educated about our world and how it operates, I start to see everywhere the fallout of the poor decisions our society has made. There is a way out of this mess and I think it is funny that I really believe it requires us to return back to an earlier developmental period, that of self-subsistence, community and less reliance on technology. We took many steps forward, and I feel we now need to take some steps back… Is it like we really just took a wrong turn somewhere? Or this is truly the process of evolution? I think there is an awakening that is on the brink and it will be powerful and painful and glorious at the same time. Maybe it is no mistake 2012 is around the corner….

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