Sunday, November 21, 2010

Experiences with the bus...

...I was reading "Be Here Now" and a young man sitting next to me started talking about the wonder and beauty of acid and DMT. How he has been working on his spiritual development through careful and structured use of the drug. He even offered me some for free. Then said he wasn't trying to hustle me, he wanted to share the love and beauty of this really amazing batch he had... He also told me he does acid once a week and has a young daughter. I was struggling to be open minded, maybe he really is moving towards enlightenment, but I could feel the judgement welling inside of me. A wonderful conversation though about consciousness and presence that was a lovely surprise on my way to work.

....Waiting for the bus in a windy bus stop. Mom comes in with her 3 children. She has too many bags and is yelling at all of the kids with strong swearing. She screams she is going to hurt them all when they get home. She said they all make her fucking sick. She swears and threatens. The children seem unaffected. Numb to the onslaught. There was a moment when I felt like I was getting screamed at, and my stomach tied into knots, and I couldn't imagine what the stomachs of those three children felt like.

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