Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is it Serious?

Brian and I were listening to this Alan Watts talk on our way home from Binghamton today. He poses that there are 5 fundamental philosophical questions:

1) Who started it
2) Are we going to make it
3) Where are we going to put it
4) Who is going to clean up
but most importantly:
5) Is it serious....

I loved this. Is it serious? I loved trying on the thought that all of it, living, dying, it all is just not that serious, that it really is a playful thing if you can change your frame a little.... That we are here to experience not to strive, to play not to grind, and that accepting mortality and the fundamental weirdness/oddity of living instead of fighting against it can be such a liberation. And strangely enough, such a simple mental shift... Look at life as play instead of work. And like we have all heard before, that it is about the journey, and not the destination.

I like this... There is not much place for fear, disappointment, stress etc. if you could fully adopt this view. And I was talking to Brian and said, "what a wonderful thing to strive for!", but I was still framing this outlook as a goal to reach instead of an experience to have now! How set we can become in our approach to living and our understanding of change or growth. This talk makes me think of so many things, they need to unfold more in my belly. Please take a listen, I think you will find it quite profound.


  1. Katie, I know who your guru should be: Rick Carter. I've never known anyone who has mastered the knack of playing as well as he has!!! I've often thought of him in my struggles against always having to be productive. Sometimes I feel as if I've never really learned how to play. I always admired Rick for his ability to see past the ever-present, ever-nagging set of things that need to be done, and give his full attention to whatever interested him at the moment. Why don't you send him your blog address? I bet you'd get interesting comments!!!!

  2. Such a powerful concept. Are you sure you're not called to be a preacher? :)