Saturday, November 27, 2010

Modern day myths

I can't tell you how liberating it is not to have a car anymore. I don't think I realized how isolating having your own car can be. I have had some interesting bus rides and conversations, and wonderful rides with friends that I otherwise may not have had the chance to talk with meaningfully and deeply for a half hour with. I've walked more, smiled at people on the street, noticed details you would never see by car. I've waited, not had instant gratification and enjoyed the quiet and possibility for reflection in those times. I've read books I've been wanting to read with focus and pleasure. I've spent a fraction of money on my transportation compared to owning a car with a bi-monthly car loan payment, monthly insurance payment, and weekly gas costs.

This experience has started me thinking about the myths we have developed in our modern day American culture that are not necessarily healthy for ourselves or the planet we live on and how some of them are starting to disappear for me as I prepare for our trip.

Myth 1: To live a fulfilling independent life you need your own car.
Mythbuster: Read above...

Myth 2: As a woman you need to buy all sorts of crap for your period that use precious resources and clog up landfills
Mythbuster: There are amazing and environmentally products out there that you can use over and over that work as well if not better then disposable feminine products.

Myth 3: I'm sure I'll think of another one at some point! :)


  1. I love myth #2! I'm guessing that means you've tried your DivaCup and are a fan.
    On a slightly related note, I thought you might enjoy this video about how birth control is almost entirely marketed as period control.

    Love ya Katie!