Monday, December 27, 2010


In the last year or two I have been interested in the concept of astrocartography. Simply put, it is a merging of astrology and geography such that certain regions of the world are better suited to each individual's body/mind/soul depending on how planets were aligned at the exact time of someone's birth, etc.... That energetically some locales "jive" better with folks creatively, spiritually, etc.

I feel like I often sense this when I visit different places. That some spots really jive with me energetically and some I feel indifferent or averse to. As we arrived in Berkeley today I felt this surge of affinity and I really liked how I felt. Lighter, more energized, inspired..... I feel this way when I visit Los Angeles too. I really believe place does affect each of us individually in a powerful way. As Brian and I move forward in our life together, we will need to choose a location to settle and work in after our trip. I am hoping we can choose a city where we both feel this affinity.

In other news, we side-skirted an enormous snowstorm in New York this week. Is it ok I am thrilled that we did? I am so looking forward to the shorts and tank tops we'll don in New Zealand.... I'm sorry if I'm gloating East Coasters, I can't help it!

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