Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So it is 6 days and counting until we take our leave. Wow, time really does fly. Biscuit is at his new home and adjusting pretty well, though I miss him terribly. Our apartment is devoid of all furniture and strewn with boxes. I am saying many goodbyes and they are tough for me. A friend of mine informed me that we are leaving on the winter solstice with a full moon AND a lunar eclipse (12/21)! She said our departure is cosmic :) I like that.

I have been thinking lately about why I wanted to do this. What I am hoping to accomplish in the next year. If any of you know me, you understand this trip is not a "vacation". It has a purpose and there is much I desire to accomplish with this gift of free time (away from a full time job). These are the goals I am thinking about:

1) To learn more about sustainable living practices through wwoofing and education

2) To gain clarity about what type of “work” I should do to make the best contribution to the world I can

3) To open myself up musically and sing often

4) To write regularly in order to process the experience of our year abroad

5) To develop a regular meditation and yoga practice and continue my studies in philosophy and religion

6) To connect with all sorts of people around the world and learn from them

7) To understand how American policy affects other countries around the world first hand, and try to understand what America really means to everyone who is not American. To try and understand what it is like to not be American

8) To learn to live with very little. To eat less, consume less, want less, worry less, and do less. To “be” more

9) To be more physically active on a daily basis. Four years in a full time job in front of the computer has been harmful to my health

10) To see this amazing, big, wide, diverse, beautiful, and crazy world up close

11) To develop a richer and deeper connection to my husband by experiencing and striving for all of the above together

A tall order for one year? We'll see. Number 5 and 8 are really most important to me now and I hope they will help me feel ok about not being constantly productive.

This is really happening.

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