Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well the last week and a half was a whirlwind. We had an amazing party with all of our friends where we belted out song after song together and smiled and laughed so much. Thanks so much everyone for seeing Brian and I off in such a wonderful way :)

Brian and I had our last date night in Troy on Monday, martinis at
Daisy Bakers and dinner at the new Dinosaur Barbecue..

The next morning we rushed to clean and pack up everything left in the apartment. Brian got his last shots and my mom took us to the airport.

Everything was in a little bit of a rush and we said our goodbyes with hugs and smiles and it felt good and not too sad...

Our plane was on time and we landed in Chicago O'Hare. A strange landing, it was so foggy and snowy I didn't even see the ground until we were on it. I had never experienced that before. I thought there must be no way we would be leaving for Sacramento that night. The airport was jam packed with people and dozens of flights had been cancelled. When we looked at the board we discovered our flight was one of few still non-cancelled flights and amazingly it said "on time". What? We didn't know why we were so lucky but relished in the good fortune and got to California safely.

I have been enjoying so much spending time with Brian's family here, especially the children. The holidays are so magical with young ones around I think.

We were watching this special little Christmas film tonight based on this book. The music was beautiful in this haunting way and the scene with the child floating and flying with the snowman made me teary.... Please watch it...

I have been working on really experiencing and enjoying one thing at a time lately, and it has made me so appreciate the little moments of joy, beauty and wonder. The moments we experience every day that children seem so adept at recognizing as they are experiencing them. I am grateful for all of life, and for this chance at life - the opportunity to experience all that there is right now in this moment - every moment.

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