Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our first show

So how is it that I am more busy now that I am traveling than before I left? I feel like each day is chock full and rich and each night I pass out and sleep more soundly then I ever have before for 8-9 hours. My body is a bit out of sorts, I am sunburned, a lot of my body is covered with mosquito bites, I have been badly broken out since we left New York... I feel a bit off.... But I feel a bit more on than I have in a while too. I am much more physical then I have been in a very long time, walking, hiking, everywhere, etc.

So our second busking experience was a success :) We made $20 in about an hour and a half and really enjoyed ourselves. The next night was our first show and it was a special evening. We met some wonderful folks at our hostel up north and they happened to be in Wellington the night of the show so they came down and joined us for dinner and the show. It felt wonderful to perform again. We played to a small audience but it was perfect.

I love how when you are traveling it just seems so much easier to meet people, to connect on a deeper level. I love getting to know folks from different countries, and trying to understand together each other's home. It seems like friendship emerges much more quickly and much more genuinely when you travel for some reason? I like how much I am talking to others on this trip in person - I love getting the opportunity to connect deeply with folks through conversation. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed not having a cell phone so far. We will be getting one shortly, but i hope to keep it off most of the time....

An update, last night Brian took his drum late at night down to the main street where all the bars were and made $40 playing his drum. He said a lot of folks danced and really enjoyed it :) He doesn't need me anymore!

A VERY windy day today in Wellington. So windy it knocked thick glasses off an outdoor cafe and broke them. It is our last day here... Off tomorrow in the early morning to catch a huge ferry to the south island. Then we are off to our first wwoofing farm in Little Wanganui. We have had such an amazing time here, mainly due to our most excellent hosts Heather and Rosemary.... It is a bit sad to leave, but we are excited to explore more of New Zealand... I think my voice is already starting to change its inflections a bit, ha!

I have been feeling a bit inarticulate on this blog since we've been traveling. I think it is because I am trying to cram in writing sessions and I often feel rushed? I need to work on accepting it is ok to write here only when I am moved to and have time to, otherwise I should be trying to soak in every minute of this experience... We have been abroad for 10 days already, it feels so much longer and that is a good thing :)


  1. I am so glad you two are having such a great time! I am grateful that you are sharing your experiences with us when you can. Good luck with your first WWOOFing experience!

  2. South Island already! Time is flying by! I love getting see your adventure unfold, it's such a gift.

  3. Wow, it's been 10 days already! You guys have been up to so much awesome stuff. I feel full of joy for you when I read your updates. I say don't worry at all about getting these posts just right. Write when you can and when you're moved. I bet some will naturally capture the fullness of your experience better than others. We back home are happy to get any insight into your journey we can.

    Have fun with the next leg of your adventure. Love you guys!!

  4. Sounds like you two are still having a ball. That's so cool that Brian made $40 just playing the djembe! The hat may have something to do with it ;) Travel safely to your next destination. Can't wait to hear more!