Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our last day in America!

Well it has finally come! Our last day here in the states :) Brian and I are at a good friends home and are wrapping up last minute details: laundry, barber shop, purging one last time our backpacks down to the essentials, last phone calls to loved ones before we ship away our cell phones, re-checking our 4 legged flight tomorrow (San Francisco to Los Angeles to Figi to Auckland to Wellington, New Zealand!), and smiling and cuddling just brimming with excitement....

Our month in New Zealand seems pretty laid out at this point. 10 days with my lovely cousin Heather in and around Wellington where we will catch a cricket game, surf, hike, busk and perform at a venue called the Fringe. From there we will be wwoofing at a beautiful farm in Karamea on the Northwest coast of the south island for one week. From there we head to Christchurch where we will be wwoofing at the home of 2 professional musicians for a week and possibly house sitting for them the week after! During this time, the World Buskers Festival will be going on in the city and we are psyched to check it out. From there we will head to Auckland, hopefully via a drive away to save money, and then we fly to Melbourne, Australia on February 7th :)

We have had an incredible time up here in Northern California and are so grateful to all our generous hosts.... I'll be posting on this thing next time from the other side of the world, talk to you soon!

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  1. I hope you two made it safe. I'm looking forward to all kinds of dope ass posts on your blog. Video content!!!