Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out there

So we are finishing up our first wwoofing experience the day after tomorrow. We have been in Karamea, New Zealand for about a week and it has been an interesting and eye-opening experience. I have realized so many things about myself that I just didn't know before. Placing yourself in someone else's home, in someone else's country trying to understand how to find your place, how to be the most helpful, how to find time alone amidst chaos, how to open your mind to try and learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time..... How to manage all of this is new to me and definitely like nothing I have ever done before. Already on our travels we have met so many other seasoned travelers that seem able to handle with ease any situation that comes along. I am not yet that way. I am in a transition period, letting go of my old life, trying to figure out how best to live this new one. Trying to accept accept accept what is, and try not to long for what isn't.

I feel like I miss those I love more out here. It is quite remote and startlingly beautiful, and I think the remoteness reminds me more how far away we are. Brian is quite a comfort to me. I have been unable to integrate the daily yoga and meditation that I was hoping to lean on due to the busyness of our schedules. I miss those things and realize how important they have become to me.

I met a young woman today from Canada who recently completed her yoga teacher training at Kripalu last year. Our animated conversations and the inspiration I have received from my friend's blog as she captures her experience going through her own yoga teacher training in New York, has started me thinking/wondering if I should consider attending a teacher training myself - if not only for the love of the practice to deepen my own. My mind is open to everything.

We leave Monday for Christchurch via a beautiful cross-country train from Greymouth. It will be Brian's birthday and we will be celebrating with a much earned evening out :) Then on to our next wwoofing home on the coast of Christchurch. I will hopefully have more access to internet there where I can post more pictures, video and stories :) Thanks so much to all of you for your comments and for sharing in this process with me!


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful and brilliant observations. It'snice to travel vicariously through you guys!

  2. Brian and Katie, Just looked at your blog again. Sent you a comment and Birthday greetings last time. Apparently did it wrong. Anyway we'll try again. Keep learning and most of all having fun with each other. Your in our thoughts and prayers.
    Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob