Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tongariro Crossing

Well it has been a busy and exciting few days. Brian and Heather and I drove up north and did the 8 hour Tongariro Crossing hike and it was incredible. This spot is where Mordor and Mount Doom were filmed for the Lord of the Rings movies. On our way up, we stopped and bought groceries and Brian enjoyed the local norm of walking barefoot through the store.

We stayed at a great backpacker hostel and met some incredible people. The next morning we awoke and took the 7 AM shuttle to the start of the hike. The first section felt quite "desert-y" and actually reminded me of Arizona.

Then we got up closer to actual "Mount Doom" and joked, on our New Zealand holiday, we decided to go to MORDOR! You could start smelling the sulfur and we say steamy clouds emanating from the volcano.

But I think the most striking part of the hike was the Emerald Lakes. Out of this dark volcanic rock emerged these brilliant turquoise lakes, I had just never seen anything like it before.
Here is a video a tried to take from the steep descent down, sorry for the shaky hand and the loud wind, I haven't mastered the flip video camera yet :) Its been tough to find the time and place to post on the blog, I have lots more to share, hope to post about our show we had yesterday soon....


  1. woah, that looks gorgeous. the color of those pools is incredible! hooray for your first bloggy flip camera video!!!