Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why I love New Zealand so far

1) People walk barefoot everywhere: grocery stores, bars, streets, etc.

2) No one really carries guns here, it is really tough to get a license for one

3) There is universal health care

4) When you walk down the street you don't see hardly anyone talking on a cell phone or immersed in smart phones. People are talking to each other, engaging each other, it is damn refreshing

5) People are very physically active here, it is part of the culture

6) All prices include taxes and tip for the most part, there is no guesswork and there are no pennies. Prices are rounded DOWN to the nearest dime :) I was a major tourist in the grocery store when the guy kept saying "It's $13.10" but the screen said "$13.13". I finally figured it out :)

7) The ice cream and cheese here are creamy and dreamy

8) The flora and fauna are exotic and beautiful

9) There is little to no security in airports, traveling here feels more relaxed and less fear based

10) The wine is delicious

11) There is a much much smaller gap between the rich and poor here. And homelessness is scant to non-existant (at least in Wellington)

12) There is a slower pace to life here. No rushing, hustling, pushing, etc.

13) There is this floral/earthy smell that I love that exists in the woods around the city

14) Their "flat white" cappuccino like coffee is delicious! (Even Brian likes it!)

15) There seems to not be an obsession with "celebrity" here like back home

We went to a beautiful botanical garden yesterday via a cable car. Brian was a human sundial and told the time exactly :)

There was one section full of blooming hydrangeas that took my breath away (those were our wedding flowers). So we had to get a shot :)

Today we are off to busk internationally for the first time on Cuba street. We saw some excellent musicians yesterday down there. We don't have a license yet because it is the weekend, so we hope we don't get arrested! I'm pretty excited :) Hope all is well in the states on your Saturday. It is Sunday here!


  1. Oh man looks so pretty! Kick busk, kids!

  2. What a great start to the trip! Are you taking any Flip videos? I hope the busking was successful. The people of New Zealand are lucky to have you two on their streets!