Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tough stuff going on out there...

Lately a lot of tough stuff has been coming down on many people we love that are very far away. A ridiculous amount of snow and ice, relationship issues, personal issues, professional issues, health issues, spiritual issues.... I feel like many people we love right now are really having a tough time. It is hard to be helpful and supportive with spotty internet and few words over a telephone. When those I love are hurting or struggling, I always want to try and fix what is wrong, create an action plan, help DO something, discover some sort of helpful solution. I am almost being forced not to do that out here. Just observe, console and see what happens.

There is a guilt inside me about this, but I think it is a lesson for me to learn. We all have our struggles and our challenges in our own lives. And they are all different because I believe we are all working on different issues to overcome in our own lifetimes. I can't "fix" what is wrong for someone because the point is for the person themselves to work out their own solution, find their own strength, endure their own pain. I can love and comfort, but not fix.

The funny thing is, when things seem to be going really well for me I also feel guilty when others around me are struggling so much, it doesn't seem fair. But I too have had struggles and challenges, and still will again and again. So, I don't need to feel guilty or ashamed I got to run away from the worst winter ever, right?

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  1. No way should you feel guilty!!!! Why do you need to justify it by saying that you've had your own struggles? Why do we have to "pay" for our good fortune by struggling? I call BS on this way of thinking! I am trying to learn that my own good fortune in life in no way oppresses others or brings them down, and I need to DROP the guilt associated with my own success and abundance. It has nothing else to do with anyone else and the path that they are on. If anything, I believe you can inspire others by allowing joy, abundance, positivity, and good things to flow into your life, and they will believe it's possible for themselves too.