Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving On

Tonight is our last night in Australia. Tomorrow we fly to Bali and begin our Indonesian/Southeast Asian portion of our trip. We will spend 10 days in Bali, mostly in Ubud, and then onto Thailand where we will spend a few nights in Bangkok, a week in Chiang Mai, and then fly to Vietnam to spend a month there.

We have been staying with a family in Ipswich Brian knew from his days in Japan (about an hour outside of Brisbane). Dean and Carmen and their awesome three children have been the best hosts ever. They took us for a drive in the countryside where we saw a mob of kangaroos and a baby in her mum's pouch! The baby was so large though that its legs were stuck out over its head! I wish I had my camera at the time to show you..... We had a traditional Australian lunch at a country pub, went to a grape stomping festival

went to a really cool wildlife preserve where we saw wombats, wallabees, kangaroos, and all sorts of birds. One very special bird called the Satin Bowerbird made an incredible structure for us to see. When trying to attract a mate, these birds build unique structures to create an optical illusion that they are larger then they are. They also decorate the structures with anything blue they can find. It was quite a sight to see.

We also had our first homemade pavlova, real meat pies with mushy peas and potatoes on top, and rissoles with gravy (kind of like meatloaf). We also saw a number of beautiful birds in Dean and Carmen's backyard including the vibrant Rainbow Lorikeet! I have never seen a bird so colorful before. We are quite near rainforest at this part of Australia and have been enjoying so many local tropical fruits as well. I sliced my first passionfruit today and loved scooping the honey colored pulp out and tasting the sweetness of the fruit and the crisp seeds inside.

We have had such an amazing time here in Australia. We are moving on now to much different pastures. We are so looking forward to the next couple of months. Our internet may be spotty, but I'm hoping to be able to continue to blog as we go. Thanks so much everyone for your comments and for sharing in this experience with us :) I have been a bit homesick lately and your emails and comments cheer me so! I hope everyone is well and starting to feel the first shine of spring....


  1. All that traveling sounds wonderful and its good to do it when you're young. "Older folks", shall we say, tend to look for two things when they travel: 1. are there any decent doctors in the area; and, 2. where are the bathrooms! And we miss you too, Katie. View this link for happy times from the immediate past.
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  2. Sounds like you two had an amazing time in Australia. Good luck on the next leg of your adventure. Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. It was so good to talk to you guys tonight. I can't wait to hear about all this stuff in person. Travel safely!