Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Last Night in Bali

So it is our last night in Bali. I have to admit I am sad to go. I will miss the almost daily 2 hour yoga classes, the massages, the food, the people, the smells, the flowers and trees and offerings, the statues and architecture, and the sense of peace I feel here. We are having dinner with two friends tonight and may go and see a shadow puppet show as well.

Last night we saw an incredible kecak that included over 100 men chanting and creating a male chorus of sounds, rhythms and drones. At the end of the performance, a huge pile of dried coconut shells was lit aflame in a large bonfire. A man dressed as a galloping horse, barefoot, would run through the pile of flaming coconuts and kick them everywhere, even towards members of the audience! Some in the front rows jumped up startled! And then men would come and sweep up the flaming pieces back into a bonfire in the middle and then the horse would run through them and kick them again everywhere! This happened 5 or 6 times and with each time Brian and I became more and more amused. This would never happen in America! No one was hurt of course, but the performance teetered on the edge of something that was dangerous and exciting. The pulsating sounds of the choir, the the smoke and flames jutting in different directions, and the physicality of the performers was thrilling.

Here is a video that captures one of the moments that horsey kicked everything!

Tomorrow we are off to Bangkok :) Leaving the Rupiah behind and onto the Baht...I have always wanted to visit Thailand, I can't believe that I am finally getting my chance. We will be spending 3 nights in Bangkok and then one week in Chiang Mai in the north. Then onto Vietnam for one month.

Ok, I have spent over 2 hours now in a restaurant using their wifi, I think it may be time to leave! I will talk to you all again from Thailand soil. xoxo

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