Friday, March 25, 2011

We live in a global world

So last night was date night for Brian and I. We had one dollar mojitos at a little bar then walked to "Miguel's" an "authentic" Mexican restaurant across town. Somewhere between the bar and the restaurant was a 7.0 earthquake in Burma, not too far from Chiang Mai where we are. We didn't feel a thing, but once we sat down at the restaurant, everyone was all abuzz and said they felt a strong shaking. We were flabbergasted. How many near miss natural disasters can we experience on this trip?

Regardless, we had a lovely time and we ate this plate of DELICIOUS Mexican food that blew our minds. Good Mexican food in Thailand? Sometimes you can't even get good Mexican food in New York? We live in a global world.

Next we went to a bar that was having an open mic night and we watched this Thai man (named Patrick) play flawlessly Irish traditional music. The bar was filled with people from all over the world.

We befriended a German sitting at the table next to us and we all played percussion instruments to the Irish tunes Patrick would belt. I had a moment of bliss where I felt like there were no countries, no boundries, no nationalities, no identities, just radiant human spirit. It was nice.

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  1. Great Mexican restaurant picture! Looks like a chimichanga on Katie's plate. I think it's good you two have a date night. You need some down time after the daily grind :)