Monday, March 28, 2011

What I'm Learning

It is our last day in Chiang Mai. We are headed on a night train tonight to Bangkok and then we fly out to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam tomorrow. We both loved Chiang Mai and felt very at home here. I had some experiences here that really contributed to my spiritual development, and I feel like I am making some progress in increasing the joy and peace in my life. There are two things that I am focusing on now that I wanted to share with you.

1) Self-acceptance. Loving and accepting myself for who I am in this moment and every moment. Loving and accepting any thought or idea I have, any impulse I have, any mistake I make, any feeling that arises. Loving and accepting what is the "real" me. The me that has been wanting to emerge and not be judged or criticized. The me that has the potential to be filled with positivity and radiant love and light.

2) Positivity. Working to stay positive in any and every moment. Shining positive energy onto myself and out into the world. Recognizing when I am criticizing or judging and reversing that behavior. Not being afraid to smile widely and share love in a deep way. Having the courage to not participate in conversations that belittle, criticize or judge others. Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world I live in every day.

Things are changing for both of us now, there has been a shift in our travel plans, our priorities, and our needs. It is interesting to experience how things really unfold versus how you believe they will. I'm excited to keep exploring along this path and am so grateful for this opportunity to travel and take a step back from the life that I was living before.

Thank you Thailand for everything. I will miss many things, but your food most of all I think!

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