Monday, April 18, 2011

Traveler Profile - Matt

I met Matt in my cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam and he and another friend I met there, Sylvie, went out to dinner together with Brian that night. At the end of the evening after much laughter and good food we did this interview and Matt charmed us with his humor and sarcasm :) Soon to come is my interview as well with Sylvie!

Name, Age and Country of origin

My name is Matt, I’m 29 and I’m from London.

Can you tell me where you’ve been traveling already and what you have coming up, and how long you’ve been traveling?

I can :) I’ve been traveling about 3-4 weeks now, I’m not entirely sure because time doesn’t really seem to work well. So far I’ve been in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia and now Vietnam and I’m here for another week before I go back to the U.K., then I’m off to the U.S. for two weeks.

Did you have any goals for yourself for this trip that you were hoping to achieve, or things you were hoping to focus on with the time you had on this trip?

In a word, no. Um, to have fun. And to see what I see, it’s about experiencing as much as I can in life.

If you had to describe one of your favorite moments on this trip, what would that be?

Probably right now, being interviewed. I mean this was kind of actually what I was hoping for when I came out for this trip. Meeting a band [Ha]!

My favorite bit so far, in Vietnam is actually cycling around on the streets. I’ve spent so long being run over by people on bikes and mopeds that I thought it was actually quite fun to be part of that big group myself , getting in the way. That was quite fun, I recommend it, you should do it.

Now what about some other places you visited besides Vietnam?

Probably just hanging out with friends, because I’ve been seeing friends in different places, yeah Korea was great because I got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in 6 years, so that was great. I mentioned the sauna there earlier, that was quite fun.

At this point a young lady comes up to us to sell us bracelets:

Matt says: You should buy something (to me). Would you like to be interviewed (to the woman selling things)

Lady Selling things: Where you from? (To Matt)

Matt: If you watch the video you can find out…

So being away from London for a while, and it sounds like you travel quite a lot, do you feel like on this trip in particular you have learned anything new about yourself that you find interesting?

No, not really. I’m not particularly introspective (all laughing) I’ve basically learned that I’m still awesome.

Can you summarize your philosophy of life in one sentence?

Um, yes I can. I’d say to you experience as much as you can in life, push yourself as much as you can and look after your friends and family.

Brian: Awww he’s a softy, who knew he was a softy?

Matt: I’m just saying that to make you all like me.

Any other thoughts?

I want you guys to busk in Vietnam, maybe this evening.

Brian: I have one more question, would you like to buy some tiger balm?

Matt: Um, no.

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