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Traveler Profile - Sylvie

Traveler Profile: Sylvie

I met Sylvie in my cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam. French is her first language but she spoke English quite well. Brian deemed Sylvie and I “soul sisters” because we had many things in common and got along swimmingly from the get go. We hope to visit her soon in Montreal when we return to the states :)

Name, Age and Country of origin

My name is Sylvie and I am 40 something and I’m from MontrĂ©al, Quebec.

Can you tell me how long you’ve been traveling?

For a month now in Vietnam.

Why did you decide to come to Vietnam?

That’s a good question, for sure I wanted to visit a place in Asia, this was the first time. I was thinking of India but a friend of mine recommended me to visit this country later with someone else, not by myself, so I was thinking of another destination. For me, Vietnam went through my head because I had a good impression of the country, maybe even more close to my mind or my way of living as a more calm, not too stress, very calm and spirit way of living.

Did you have any goals for yourself for this trip that you were hoping to achieve, or things you were hoping to focus on or experience with the time you had on this trip?

Yeah, you know it’s funny, before I come I was talking to my boss and she was curious and she asked “Why Vietnam” and I said, (and its funny that I met you) if I would be able to combine either yoga and meditation, I am more and more curious about meditation so I would like to know more and I think it is a country that can bring me some answer. I wouldn’t be surprised to find people who could guide me to have inspiration about that. A good way of living that respects the rhythm of the person because I think our society is very very fast, and I know it is very fast according to what I know about me, my natural rhythm, I know now that if I can slow down. Even yesterday I was in a place for a drink and they were talking about slow food, those kinds of things I like to hear.

And what have you enjoyed so far about Vietnam that you have experienced so far that really resonates with you?

Every time I see children, I love children, and I know they have a very special place here, so I like seeing people take care of their children. When they’re babies, there is something really nice, that I see the smiles on the faces of the parents and the people around the kids, even the kids are very spontaneous and I love that. I like laughing and I know every time I laugh with the kids and try to play with the kids, they were so respectful and happy and proud.

So what has been your favorite moment in Vietnam?

I think it was when I was with the French couple that we visit the waterfalls. But we had to climb, it took an hour to get there by climbing the rocks, there were no tourists at all, but it was so beautiful in the middle of nowhere, because it was not the jungle but the forest. We had to go a long way by taxi, and it was for me the beauty of nature and lots of people like me are very afraid of what is going on with the planet you know.

Yes definitely. So, can you summarize your philosophy of life in one sentence?

I like talking about harmony. For me harmony is a very good word that I’m looking for. Even in a couple if there is harmony you can go through so many things with the respect and balance that brings… I think that a lot of civilization, we’re talking about symbolic you know earth, water, sky so I think that maybe at that time they knew that there was a balance between different things and we need all to be one, the perfect um, excuse me my English is not so good!

Katie and Brian: No it sounds good!

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