About Us

Hi everyone, I'm Katie. My husband Brian and I were married July 31, 2010 and we live in Troy, NY. 

We decided the first week of September 2010 to spend the year 2011 traveling abroad. There were many reasons for this decision, namely, a lack of job opportunities, a desire to sell all we own and live off of very little, a desire to broaden our worldview and try to understand what "American" means from the outside looking in, and a desire for change. We will spend the next year busking (playing music on the streets for money), wwoofing and teaching to help us get by.

Brian is a skilled percussionist and very passionate about live music. His oft referred to "other love" is the city of New Orleans. He had to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina and oddly enough, we met each other through a job that offered crisis counseling to Southeastern New Yorkers affected by the floods of 2006. He received his Masters of Library Science degree last December and is very passionate about being a librarian. Unfortunately, the job market has been tough and he has been unable to secure a full time position anywhere in the U.S. He will spend the next year abroad working on a comparative study of international library practices.  Brian traveled extensively abroad in his early 20's and lived in Japan for 2 years teaching English. He is excited to once again live out of a backpack and explore the unknown.

As for me, I am a singer, songwriter, improviser and writer. I worked in the field of public health for 5 years, mostly crunching numbers in a cubicle for the state government. I realized recently that that sort of work just really did not suit my body or soul. I am looking for a new career that can embody more physicality, more creativity, more flexibility  and more desire. I also realized lately that there is nothing I love to do more then sing. I am working to find ways to do it more and more in my life. In the past I recorded three albums of my own material and used to perform solo and with a band.  I know now that what I really love, what I really need to do is sing, whether it is my own material or not.  I have been learning loads of cover songs for Brian and I's two person busking band and have absolutely loved it. I have also become very passionate about the practice of urban homesteading and sustainable living and those ideals will most likely be a thru-line to this blog. My traveling until now has included only one stint abroad when I lived in England the Spring of 1998 for a semester and traveled through Europe alone for three weeks on my Spring Break. I am excited to finally visit some of the exotic places I had only once ever dreamed of exploring. 

Brian and I are very much in love and feel fortunate every day for the gifts in our lives: our relationship, our friends and family, our health, our passions, and our good fortune.  We hope this blog will help us to stay connected with those we will miss and love back home, but all are welcome to read and share with us. Thanks for visiting!